DEC 2, 2021

Gainsight’s CS Ops Unplugged

Meet, Talk, and Learn with the CS Operations Community

Unpack Topics & Learn From Your Peers

Uniquely dedicated to the booming world of Customer Success Operations, Gainsight’s CS Ops Unplugged will provide tactical career advice and showcase effective strategies from leaders in this new field. We’re bringing you unique, interactive, audience-powered sessions with tons of networking so that the power of knowledge sharing is in your hands.



CS Ops



To Meet

A Schedule You Can’t Miss

Why Attend?

We’ll provide the launch pad to connect with peers and experts in the Customer Success Operations space who are eager to help with your learning and growth. Connect with the most passionate leaders in the industry, expand your career, unearth strategic possibilities through educational discussions, and boost your confidence as you build true camaraderie amongst peers and mentors.

Come As You Are. In this brave new world of Ops, we all have something to learn. No matter your previous background or exposure to Ops, we guarantee that an open beginner’s mind will lead to good things.

Show, Not Tell. Get ready for collaborative and inspiring learning.

Confidence Through Connection. When bright minds come together, you get that “Aha!” moment. Feel confident in your Ops journey knowing you’re part of a collective community dedicated to forging a new path.


Ops Job Hunters

CS Ops

CS Leaders

Customer Success Manager

  • Explore new avenues for career advancement leveraging your customer success expertise
  • 45-minute breakout sessions focused on collective learning and sharing with peers
  • Access to a network of customer success leaders
  • Interactive conversations with mentors who made the transition from CSM to CS Ops

Anyone Interested in CS Ops

  • Exposure to career advancement opportunities
  • Peer-to-peer guidance and discussions
  • Hands-on education around the ROI of Ops and first steps in the role
  • Interactive breakout sessions with mentors who transitioned into CS Ops

CS Ops Professional

  • Knowledge sharing around skills, habits, and motivations of a great Ops person
  • Access to a flourishing community of like-minded professionals who will eagerly nerd out over advanced concepts
  • 45-minute breakout sessions focused on the evolution of Ops, analytics that matter, and optimizing your role
  • Tons of successful and proactive strategies to take back to your organization

Executive Leader of CS Team

  • Hear CS leaders describe how investing in Ops has changed their business
  • Uncover the latest strategies and tactics for success, enabled through Ops
  • Network with leaders in the customer success field

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