APR. 20, 2022

CS Unplugged: Enterprise Edition

Your enterprise has complex customer success problems to solve. Our experts have simple solutions, created specifically with you in mind.

Flexible Strategies, Focused Outcomes.

CS Unplugged: Enterprise Edition will break down the specific challenge of creating scalable, repeatable, winning customer success strategies across multiple products and multiple geographies.

Learn best practices for creating company-wide alignment, optimizing strategies, and driving growth by tapping into your existing customer base. Join us to hear from industry experts who have solved the problems you’re facing right now.




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Peers to Meet

Why Attend?

Customer success is vital to any organization focused on customer expansion and revenue growth. But how do you implement best practices at a world-wide scale? That’s the big question we’ll answer at CS Unplugged: Enterprise Edition.

Through interactive panel discussions and breakout sessions, you’ll hear how others in the Enterprise space not only answered that question, but found ways to grow beyond their goals.

All that, plus a chance to connect with some of the most inspiring people in the Gainsight community. You don’t want to miss it!

Drive Growth

Ensure Retention

  • Put customer success at the heart of your enterprise organization, with company-wide alignment
  • Create ideal customer journeys across multiple products to ensure value during the critical first year
  • Operationalize exceptional multi-geo customer success strategies using comprehensive data
  • How to monitor signals based on customer behavior and data to proactively mitigate risk
  • Best practices for ideal customer experiences during the critical ‘first year’
  • Developing a strategic ‘plan of action’ to achieve desired customer outcomes and long-term growth

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  • Monitor customer behavior signals and data to proactively mitigate risk
  • Deploy strategic playbooks for desired customer outcomes and long-term growth
  • Leverage product experience to guide customers through critical journey moments that ensure retention and expansion

Influential Speakers
Leading Key Discussions

Mari Bentvelzen
Senior Vice President & General Manager of Global SMB, Concur

Megs Suratkal
Global Vice President, Customer Experience and Customer Success, HPE

Janine Sneed
VP of Customer Success, IBM Technology Sales, IBM

And more from these leading companies….

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